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Vicious Links
Now, updated and refined! Woot. Woot indeed.

Comics Links

Great Comics!

BoxJam's Doodle, by BoxJam.

Schlock Mercenary, by Howard Tayler.

Odd Jobs, by Tim Broderick.

Chopping Block, by Lee Adam Herold.

1/0, by Mason "Tailsteak" Williams.

Spare Change, by Warren Lawrence.

Greystone Inn, by Brad Guigar.

Todd and Penguin, by David Wright.

Arrogance in Simplicity, by Capheine.

Sheldon, by Dave Kellett.

The Grimbles, by Burke.

PvP Online, by Scott Kurtz.

Superosity, by Chris Crosby.

Dex Lives, by Bernadette Yarnot.

Absurd Notions, by Kevin Pease.

Spaz Labs, by C. G. Muggridge.

It's Walky! by David Willis.

Soap on a Rope, by Bob Roberds.

Goats, by Jonathan Rosenberg.

Sinfest, by Tatsuyo Ishida.

Real Life, by Greg Dean.

You Damn Kid, by Owen Dunne.

General Protection Fault, by Jeffrey T. Darlington.

Freefall, by Mark Stanley.
Freefall in color! Not as current as b/w Freefall.

Space Losers, by Daniel Willingham.

The Makeshift Miracle, by Jim Zubkavich

Silly Cone V, by Brandon "scrubbo" Sonderegger.

Ku-2, by Logan DeAngelis

Pentasmal, by Aaron Farber

Triangle and Robert, by Patrick Shaughnessy

Rudy Park, by Darrin Bell and Theron Heil

Comics On Indefinite Hiatus
(and Completely Dead Comics too!)

Randym Thoughts, by Randy Tayler.

The Necronomicon, by Chris Furniss.

Crudely Drawn Adventures, by Dan Frioli.

Joe the Circle, by Mike Shapiro.

Diabolica, by Adam Burke -- ON INDEFINITE HIATUS.

Frankenstudent, by Tony Morris -- ON INDEFINITE HIATUS.

Weapon of Choice, by Jia Liu -- ON INDEFINITE HIATUS.

Good Comics

Sluggy Freelance, by Pete Abrams.

Framed! by Damonk.

The Class Menagerie, by Vince Suzukawa.

Avalon, by Josh Phillips.

College Roomies From Hell, by Maritza Campos.

Everything Jake, by Mike Rosenzweig.

The Legend of Chucko Liang, by L.A. Sinclair.

Other Links

Crime Scene

Moment of Truth, by Thomas William Fuller
I just got my copy of this novel on Friday. By Saturday night, I finished it.
This novel isn't for everyone -- there are gruesome descriptions of autopsies and the enbalming process -- but for anyone who enjoys introspective crime thrillers, this has some great stuff! The one aspect that may alienate some people is the frank discussion of personal spirituality -- specifically, Christianity. The main character is a Nazarene (a rather conservative branch of Protestantism) who was formerly a Catholic; as a Protestant married to a Catholic, there were certain passages I disagreed with, but I was still able to take the viewpoints as those of the characters, and I'm fully aware there are people I don't see eye to eye with on the subject of religion. The rest of the story is worth reading, even if you're skittish about religious stuff.
This brand-new novel starts with an autopsy, and who better to write it than my uncle Thom -- a man whose career centers around cadavers? Fuller's first paying job was in the meat-cutting room of a local grocery during high-school. Not far removed, he notes, from his current autopsy work. An accopmlished embalmer of the dead, he handles well over a hundred bodies a year. Teaching at a mortuary school, he lectures in the areas of embalming theory, the restorative arts, funeral customs, sociology and other areas. Working as an autopsy assistant part-time, Fuller handles the eviseration of the deceased, removal of all the internal organs for closer examination by the pathologist. Autopsies and embalming, as well as transplant tissue processing have provided the author with detailed technical material for his writing. During the late 1980's and early 1990's, Fuller spent time as a Certified Eye Bank Technician. Beside the removal of whole eyes from donors, he processed the eye tissues for transplant and trained many other technicians.

The Internet Movie DataBase
The IMDB is the place to go for movie information. Search by actor, title, year or country of production, and much more. Memorable quotes, trivia, goofs -- all are included. If you have a movie question, this site will almost definitely help you answer it. For example -- how many times have Matt Damon and Ben Affleck appeared in the same movie? Answer: seven, but two of the films haven't been released yet. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Third Wheel are both scheduled to be released this year; previously, they have appeared in Dogma (1999), Good Will Hunting (1997), Chasing Amy (1997), Glory Daze (1996), and the one I'd forgotten, School Ties (1992, with Brendan Fraser and the horrendous pile of bad acting that is Chris O'Donnell.)

Fight The Man.
There's really not a lot to see here, except for a code that I think is supposed to help convert DVD's to .mpeg files. Or something like that. The only reason I want you to go here is that I want my buddy who "runs" this site to be amazed at how many hits he's getting. Heh., Borderzone of the Irrelevant
Another nepotistic link, this site belongs to my cousin. I'll freely admit that I don't understand half of the stuff he's talking about here -- it's too smart for me. Then again, I have a feeling if I posted a bunch of stuff about the history of theatre and the various movements involved, I might leave him in the dark, too. The other stuff is great, though -- the Ad-Schlock awards present the worst in advertising; the links to his Lego ideas and Lugnet are, in my estimation, entertaining even for those of us who aren't hardcore enthusiasts; and his pseudo-science page is hilarious. The extension of it, which deals more with actual science, is juuuuuuust easy enough for me to feel like there's a possibility I might actually understand it. (Discussions with him will no doubt prove that assumption very, very wrong.)

The Live Journal of Hannibal V Constantine
This link is primarily for my own use, but you're certainly more than welcome to browse! HVC is one of my close friends from my college days. Despite living only a few hours away from him, I don't see him NEARLY enough. He's one of those indescribable people -- someone it's darn near impossible to ignore. Frankly, I don't know why you'd WANT to ignore him -- his points of view are fascinating, occasionally scathingly vitriolic, and usually a complete mirror or complete opposite of mine. He's also the type of person who has LOADS of potential, and hates hearing that he has loads of potential. One of my daydreams is to have a radio program with HVC as my co-host. Now if we could only agree on music.

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