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Monday , March 4 , 2002
The Liars' Bench
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Vicious Liebrary
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Strange Words UPDATED 02/21/02
Hey, folks. I'm back from my silence.

NEW INFO -- Due to slow loading speed or downright hideousness, I've eliminated eight of the random logos. Now, you will only see logos supplied to me by Lyle H7oslash;jbjerg-Clarke or Chris Navta. If you miss the others, you can go to my new page of logos and ooh and ahh to your heart's content.

Congratulations to BoxJam's Doodle on finally being upgraded to Keenspot. I'll fix my "Spot the Doodle" link sometime soon.

Other than that: you know the drill. New comics will come when new comics come. I've got a lot of stuff on my plate right now; I never realized how busy I'd be once I turned 25, but by the time I'm 26 I expect to have a new job, a new house, and a good start on the second draft of my novel, tentatively titled Hail Mary.

I've decided not to update the Moment of Honesty with any regularity, so it's going to be even more sporadic than the comic. When it updates, it'll update. That's that. I may eventually add review links to the comics on my Links page, but for now, I'm not going to mess with it.

Speaking of my Links page, it's been updated. Some new comics have been added, and two old ones have disappeared. Five points if you know which ones. Five bonus points if you know they should have been gone months ago.

As always, everything that happens in this strip will be based on events in my life as they unfold... Obviously, there will be some leeway for chronology, and plenty of dramatic license, and a few plain old vicious lies tossed in.

Major, major thanks are hereby extended in perpetuity to Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary, BoxJam of BoxJam's Doodle, and Dan Frioli of the mysteriously missing Crudely Drawn Adventures. Additional thanks to Randy Tayler of Randym Thoughts for showing me how to make the logo at the top change randomly with each refresh, David Wright of Todd and Penguin for helping me find better colors for my pages, and who may be helping me get a better page design soon, and Chris Furniss of the recently deceasedThe Necronomicon, Lyle Højbjerg-Clarke of Mooloo, my buddy Chris Navta (who will be appearing in a couple early September comics, when they show up), and my awesome brother, Matt Fuller, for giving me five really ginchy logos.

Many others deserve mention as well, and they'll get it as soon as I remember who they are.

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